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Eat Happy Kitchen

Eat Happy Kitchen Variety Pack (Six Jars)

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Get the best of all worlds with our 6-jar Variety Pack. You'll receive two jars of each authentic flavor...Marinara, Puttanesca, and Pink Crema. Order two Variety Packs and we'll throw in FREE shipping (continental US only)!

This vibrant marinara sauce is made in small batches using the finest organic ingredients, and it contains no added sugar, no gluten, and no GMOs. The prep is simple...just heat and toss with your favorite Italian dishes. This versatile red sauce is great with anything that calls for Marinara: Chicken Parm,Lasagna, Pizza, keep it on hand as a base for soups, stews, or slow cooker dishes.

MARINARA INGREDIENTS: Organic Italian Chopped Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Purée, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Fresh Garlic, Sea Salt.

Simmered for hours in small batch kettles using the finest ingredients, this hearty red sauce starts with a deep level of savory and ends with a hint of spice to keep you diving in for another bite. With the addition of olives, capers, onions, oregano, and red pepper flakes, this Puttanesca sauce is a perfect anytime gravy. Add meat, vegetables, cheese, or just simmer for an authentic taste of Southern Italy.

PUTTANESCA INGREDIENTS: Organic Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Purée, Onions, Kalamata Olives (Olives, Water, Sea Salt, Red Wine Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Capers (Capers, Water, Salt, Vinegar), Garlic, Sea Salt, Oregano, Red Pepper Flakes, Black Pepper.

Eat Happy Kitchen provides home cooks with the best tasting no-sugar added, chemical-free, & filler-free sauces made with the finest ingredients. Our Pink Crema builds on our bright, savory marinara by adding just the right balance of heavy cream and freshly grated parmesan cheese for a velvety, satisfying sauce. Just heat and serve atop any Italian food creation or use it as a dipping sauce.

PINK CREMA INGREDIENTS: Organic Italian Chopped Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Purée, Heavy Cream, Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Fresh Garlic, Sea Salt, Citric Acid.

Shelf stable for 36 months, refrigerate after opening. Each jar is 26 ounces.

Build a Case for FREE Shipping!
Order 2 Variety Packs or 12 total jars of any flavor combination and save big with FREE shipping! Available in the continental United States only.

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