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Eat Happy Kitchen

Marinara Meals (PDF Version)

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A New Recipe Collection from Anna Vocino in downloadable PDF format!

Purchase with any sauce variety and get the Marinara Meals PDF for only $4.00!

As many of you know by now, I’m passionate about good food that’s organic, high quality, and has no sugar added. I personally stick to a low-carb diet and have two bestselling low-carb cookbooks, shockingly enough, titled Eat Happy and Eat Happy Too.

In the pages of Marinara Meals, you'll find more than 36 recipes dedicated to a love for marinara sauce. You all know the traditional ways to use a pasta sauce, a pizza sauce, or a dipping sauce, but I'm here to give you dozens of creative ways to make marinara the star of the show. And since I’m a low-carb recipe author, you’ll find traditional pasta replaced with veggies and the typical flour coatings replaced by almond flour.

I hope these recipes inspire you to use your jars of Eat Happy Kitchen marinara to prepare deliciously addictive food that makes you look like a hero every time you serve it. Of course you are welcome to use any marinara if you don't have EHK's authentic sauces on hand...I just can't promise the dish will be equally happy. ;)

This is an on-demand digital download, not a hardcover book, so when you purchase Marinara Meals, you'll get instant access via a download link. This way, you can get right to the good stuff!

You'll find some of my classics, some new twists on old classics, and even brand new never-published recipes as well. Remember, not all heroes wear capes...some just need marinara. Let's serve up some dazzling meals together!